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Kenney Consulting maintains client relationships by understanding the unique needs of each client, and by encouraging our clients to contact us whenever questions arise.  This open line of communications helps to prevent problems and allows us to offer personalized attention on a consistent basis.  

Each of our clients has access to all levels of expertise, allowing small and medium-size companies the depth of nationally recognized actuarial services usually available only to large corporations.

Our low staff turnover and high morale assure our clients continuity of relationships and knowledge.  We are known for maintaining records over the long term and preserving organizational histories and quality data resources for our clients.

Many of our clients have been with us for 15 or more years.  Our client list reflects the quality and range of our expertise, and includes:

International Corporations
Power and Water Districts
Alumni Associations
Professional Associations
Religious Organizations

Please feel free to contact us for client references. 

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